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How to pay for water?

Updated: 3 months ago

In the territory of Northern Cyprus, there are two types of water supply for houses and apartments.

The first is a central (public) water supply system. In this case you pay the bill in the Beledie (mayor's office) of your district. Take a special card, fill up the balance and put it in the water meter. After a month, simply go to the mayor's office and pay the amount owed. If a card is available, the money can also be deposited through the terminal.

Important: the balance on the card must be at least 10TL, otherwise the water supply will be cut off. However, there are more modern water meters that do not require a card and allow you to pay for water online at

Second, if your house or apartment is not connected to a central water supply system, you must order a water delivery service.

Important to keep track of your tank's water level and call your local water supplier in advance. Your tank will be refilled within two hours after placing your order. You can look up the phone number for water delivery in your area on the Internet or check our "North Cyprus" Telegram chat.

In some cases, the public water supply fails (accidents occur) and water is not supplied to the system; in this case, you can also seek assistance from the local "water supplier."

Bahar Su Servisi is a Girne-based "water supplier" that provides water delivery services.
0543 844 84 30 / 0542 879 86 41

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