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How to transport the most essential construction tools to the construction site and is it necessary?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

Many men are unable to part with their familiar, convenient basic set of construction tools. Screwdrivers, a good power drill, wrenches, and maybe even a hammer drill are always needed around the house.

You can transport construction tools, but only in the luggage compartment. It is better to weigh your luggage in advance because any construction tool will end up in the trash during customs inspection if something doesn't fit and you took "sharp metal" as carry-on baggage. That's definitely a no-go.

Many expats advise against carrying a suitcase with tools and recommend buying everything locally. It all depends on the quality of your tools. If they are solid European brands, then it does make sense to bring them with you. However, you can always find cheap Chinese or decent Turkish-made tools in Northern Cyprus.

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