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How to install solar panels in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

On Cyprus, there are at least 300 sunny days a year, which raises a logical question - why not install solar panels?

In addition, there are regular power outages in Northern Cyprus. Let's clarify one thing - you won't be able to save money, but you can achieve autonomy. Theoretically, you can also feed electricity back into the grid and offset the equipment costs, although only to a limited extent.

установка солнечных батарей северный кипр

Connecting solar panels to the grid

The main drawback is losing autonomy when integrating with the Kib-Tek grid (the electricity provider in Northern Cyprus). This is because energy can only be fed back into the grid when there is voltage in the network. If the power is disconnected, you will not be able to supply or use the electricity generated.

The advantages include the possibility of recouping the system, but this will take at least 2-3 years, depending on the cost of the equipment. Kib-Tek limits the power, so you cannot sell excessive electricity back to the grid.

Another significant disadvantage (apart from the lack of autonomy during general power outages) is the need to obtain permission from Kib-Tek for grid-connected systems. This process can be lengthy and sometimes unsuccessful, as they may simply refuse with the justification of "lack of technical feasibility".

Connecting solar panels autonomously

The main advantage here is autonomy, which is especially valuable in conditions of regular power outages in the northern part of the island. The solar panel system is purchased as a package with batteries, and you can choose the quantity and capacity of the batteries according to your needs.

Considering the cost of the equipment, this system will not pay for itself quickly, and it is best not to think about the payback period given the equipment's wear and tear. With average consumption, it will take around 15 years to recoup the investment, but even the best batteries will need to be replaced within 10 years. Furthermore, solar panels degrade by 25-50% over 15 years.

Permission to install panels in this manner also needs to be obtained from the Kib-Tek office. However, when connecting via a switch with zero-off-2, the power company will have no knowledge, and no inspections are conducted, so many people disregard the need for permission.

Solar panel installation companies


CYS Solar


Elsis LTD

Yakup & Uğur Elektrik

TBS Solar Energy Systems

Derin enerji solar

Double sun

  • Phone: +905428573497
  • Russian support

Cost of solar panel installation

The minimum prices start at 1000 euros for panels capable of producing 1 kW. A turnkey set to generate 4 kW will cost 6300 euros. The cost, as is often the case in Northern Cyprus, may vary, so check the current prices with the companies listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electricity

What are the current electricity rates?

Since August 1st, 2023, new rates have come into effect. As before, the cost of electricity will depend on the consumption of electrical energy. Refer to the tariff table.

How to pay for electricity in Northern Cyprus?

You can pay for Kib-Tek services in several ways: online through the Kib-Tek website, online through the Pay Point Cyprus website, at Kib-Tek payment points, and through the bank's mobile app. Read more about each payment method in this article.

Who to call in case of a power outage?

To resolve your power outage issue, you need to call the special numbers provided by Kib-Tek. Each region has its own numbers, which you can find on this page.

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