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How to call plumbers in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

Water problems can greatly tarnish your stay anywhere, and Northern Cyprus is no exception. Let's find out the plan of action in case you need the help of a plumber.

Where to Find a Plumber in Northern Cyprus?

сантехник северный кипр

In the management company of your residential complex

If you live in a large residential complex, the easiest way is to contact the resort administration. The management company is responsible for all communications in the subordinate houses, and if the problem occurred not because of you, the services will be free. But even if something happened due to your fault, this is the easiest way to fix the plumbing or sewage.

Call through the district administration

If you live in a separate house, you can call plumbing services through the administration of your district. You will find the contacts of all municipalities at the link at the bottom of the page. We will also list the direct phone numbers of services dealing with water supply and the corresponding infrastructure.

  • Gönyeli-Alayköy: +905391018425, +905428511301
  • İskele: +905488101109, +905488101229
  • Lefke: +905338350845
  • Kyrenia: +905428821118, +905488682123, +905338702017, +905338462017
  • Famagusta: +905488166032, +903923664483
  • Nicosia: +903922283315
  • Güzelyurt: +903927143516

Private Plumbing Services

Companies that specialize in installation and maintenance of plumbing systems also provide repair services. Below are some such companies in Northern Cyprus.

Kıbrıs Tesisat

Kıbrıs Mert Tesisat

  • +905338495299

Vural tesisat

  • +905338708722

Girne Su Tesisat

  • +905488628998

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Services in Northern Cyprus

Where to find contacts of administrations of all districts of Northern Cyprus?

You will find a complete list of contacts for all administrative units of Turkish Cyprus on this page.

How to Pay for Water?

It depends on whether you have a centralized water supply system or a tank. We have already discussed the payment methods in these cases in a previous article. In large complexes, you can also pay for water at the management company's office.

Who to Call in an Emergency?

We have listed the phone numbers of all emergency response services on this page, so feel free to share this useful information with your friends.

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