Cyprus, Nicosia

Unusual Souvenirs of Northern Cyprus

Updated: 3 weeks ago

Turkish Cypriots have their own unique souvenirs that differ from what is typically brought from Turkey. The island has a developed handicraft and agricultural industry. So, here are some interesting gift ideas:

  • Wicker baskets. Famagusta is known for these unusual products, which are rare in our times. You can buy ready-made baskets or learn to weave them yourself under the guidance of an experienced master.
  • Lacework. Lefkara lacework is a heritage of the Republic of Cyprus. However, in the northern part of the island, in Nicosia, there are still places where lace products are created using special techniques. All of this is handmade. The prices for these products are significantly lower on the Turkish side.
  • Olive oil. There are many farms on the island where you can buy fresh olive oil of different presses. The quality of oil in stores cannot compare. However, olives in packages are imported in large quantities from Northern Cyprus.
  • Sheep cheese. This is also a farm product. It is best to buy it at the market. The cheese here is made using a special technique, without the addition of any chemicals or flavor enhancers. Therefore, the product actively enriches the body with calcium. If you take the cheese to your country, pack it carefully as it has a very specific smell.
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