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Notary vs Lawyer in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 3 weeks ago

Many of the matters that notaries deal with in Russian-speaking countries are handled by lawyers in Northern Cyprus. For example, if you decide to make a will in the northern part of the island, it is better to consult a local certified lawyer. When drafting a will or a promissory note, the responsibility of the notary or certifying officer is merely to authenticate the signature. If you encounter a complex situation with the will or note in the future and the matter goes to court, the law may not be on your side.

According to our experienced lawyer expert in Northern Cyprus, the documents must be prepared in a strictly defined format, taking into account the local legislation. If, for example, even a single sentence is omitted in the promissory note, the wording no longer complies with the law. As a result, you may face problems in court, and the resolution of the issue may be delayed.

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