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Safety Rules During a Storm

Updated: 3 weeks ago

For those who were not born and raised near the sea, it is not always clear what a storm warning means and how rain, wind, and waves can be dangerous at that moment. Ignoring storm warnings is not advisable, and it is important to know how to behave.

So, the rescue service always informs people about extreme weather conditions - they send SMS alerts. As for nature, the first signs of a storm are an increase in wind speed to sudden gusts, squally rain, and a drop in atmospheric pressure. This can cause dizziness, drowsiness, and a general feeling of discomfort in weather-sensitive individuals.

Safety rules during a storm if you are at home: It is necessary to turn off all electrical appliances, close windows, doors, and ventilation openings. Often, people of short stature (below 160 cm) and children are advised not to go outside.

If you are in a car, it is strictly forbidden to drive near the sea or other bodies of water, and speeding is not allowed. Parking the car near banners, trees, lamp posts, or road signs is strictly prohibited.

If the storm catches you outside, it is best to find shelter in any sturdy building as quickly as possible. While moving, avoid power stations, gas stations, and bridges. Trees, banners, and overpasses can pose a danger.

If you need assistance, call 112.

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