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Average electricity price during winter months in NC

Updated: 2 weeks ago

As you may know, there is no central heating system in Cyprus. Houses and apartments are heated during the cold seasons using air conditioners and underfloor heating. The air conditioner is practically needed constantly, which results in much higher electricity prices in winter compared to usual. Even though the air conditioner is also frequently used during the summer.

A lot, of course, depends on the number of rooms in your apartment or house. If you are only heating a studio to a comfortable temperature, the average cost will be around 600-750 TL per month. If you have a 2+1 apartment with an air conditioner in each room and underfloor heating, the price can increase to 1200-1700 TL per month. Heating a house, of course, is significantly more expensive.

If you are renting an apartment on a daily basis and the electricity bill is not paid by you, please cross-check the meter readings and refer to the average readings provided in our article. Don't let yourself be deceived.

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