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Where to Repair an Android Phone in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 4 months ago

For Android phone users, we have prepared a list of places where you can repair your device in case of malfunction, whether it's a simple screen replacement or more complex repairs.

Phone Repairs in Northern Cyprus:

Ремонт телефона Андроид Северный Кипр



Alakan Telefon

STC Teknik Servis

Mobil Teknolojileri


Tekan Mobile

Eren Computer



Kyrenia Computer Solutions

Techpoint Electronics

Mobil-Tech Teknik Servis


Durmazz Techno Store

Pawn Shop Girne

Quantum Fix Mobile Phone

Mir Communication



TEK Telefon

Yakuş Elektronik

Telefon Hastanesi

Titanium Bilgisayar

Orhan Usta Mobile Phone Repairman

Durmazz Computer



Ercan Communication

Aysan Tömay Communication



Laconic Computer



Oztech Technology



Acil Kıbrıs Electronics



My Com Communication


Frequently Asked Questions about Phone Repair in North Cyprus

Where in North Cyprus can I repair an iPhone?

Most of the listed services will perform simple iPhone repairs, but we also have contact points that specialize in Apple technology.

My mobile connection stopped working, what should I do?

It's possible your phone is fine, but the local SIM card slot's validity has expired. You need to undergo the customs procedure for your phone or switch the SIM card to another slot or a different phone.

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