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How do I register my phone?

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Upon arriving in North Cyprus with the intention of an extended stay, individuals face the challenge of mobile phone import restrictions. After 90 days within the country, the mobile device becomes impeded and ceases to receive GSM signals.

How can one utilize a phone in North Cyprus after 90 days?

The impeding does not affect other device functionalities: all features continue to operate, and with Wi-Fi, one can access various messengers and social networks—however, incoming and outgoing calls and SMS using a local SIM card become unavailable.

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Registering a phone in North Cyprus

Initially, the applicant must personally visit the specialized center known as "Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Haberlesme kurumu" located in Nicosia. The individual must bring their mobile device and passport. Subsequently, they need to complete a form (written in English) that includes the applicant's name, passport particulars, and their phone's IMEI number (serial number). The IMEI number can be obtained by dialing *#06#.

The office of "Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Haberlesme kurumu" operates on weekdays from 8:30 to 14:00 (closed on Saturdays and Sundays). Appointments cannot be made online. The completed form must be submitted at the document reception window by the live queue. At that point, the registration fee of 111 lira is to be paid, and a payment receipt is issued.

Customs clearance of the phone in North Cyprus

The subsequent step involves assessing the mobile device, which is conducted by a customs service specialist based on their established table. The brand of the device, year of manufacture, and memory capacity influence the tax amount.

Payment of the customs fee can be made either in Nicosia, at "Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Haberlesme kurumu," or at customs points in Kyrenia and Famagusta (locations can be found on the map below the text).

Alternating SIM card slots

Each slot possesses its unique IMEI, effectively resembling the use of another phone. This approach allows one to circumvent the payment of duties. On January 1st, the imposed restrictions are lifted, and a fresh 90-day period commences for the initially utilized slots.

Purchasing a local phone

If one possesses an expensive phone but wishes to save money, it is prudent to acquire an inexpensive phone in North Cyprus and utilize its internet connectivity for the imported device. However, GSM calls and SMS will be received on the locally purchased device.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Phone Registration in North Cyprus

Does this pertain to foreign SIM cards?

No, this solely concerns SIM cards provided by North Cyprus operators (for further information and tariff comparisons, please refer to this article). Russian, Kazakh, and other foreign SIM cards will continue to function as before, in roaming.

What is the customs duty fee for a phone?

The customs duty is contingent upon the brand of the device, year of manufacture, and memory capacity. In general, the duty increases proportionally to the phone's value. The charges are periodically recalculated to a higher amount. Approximate rates are as follows:

  • iPhone 14 pro max 512 - $420
  • iPhone 12 pro max - $270
  • iPhone 11 512 - 1,500 lira

For the latest iPhone models, the cost is denoted in dollars, but payment is made in liras at the prevailing exchange rate during the payment. For iPhones preceding the 12th series and Android phones, the cost will be quoted in liras directly.

Are there any customs clearance discounts for students?

Every university student possesses the privilege of preferential customs clearance for one phone over two years. The procedure remains the same, requiring a visit to Nicosia with a valid passport and student certificate. The cost of customs clearance for any device is 500 lira. However, a condition applies: at least 6 months must have elapsed since the official release of the phone model.

An offsite option is available as well, whereby representatives from BTHK visit EMU on specific days to register phones without requiring a trip to Nicosia. It is advisable to inquire with the university administration to determine if this service is available at your university.

While some individuals may register phones on behalf of students, we do not recommend this course of action as it is not following the law.

To obtain the current cost of customs duties, pose your question to the largest North Cyprus Telegram Forum.

Office Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Haberleşme Kurumu
Офис таможенной службы в Гирне (Customs office in Girne)
Офис таможенной службы в Фамагусте (Customs office in Famagusta)
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