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Government Agencies of Northern Cyprus on the Internet and Social Media

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In the modern world, social media is increasingly penetrating people's lives.

Various government structures, not as rapidly as businesses, but also adapt to modern trends and create pages on popular platforms.

For the population, this is an obvious plus — sending a message from a Facebook page, direct messaging on Instagram, or simply tagging the relevant organization is often more effective than attempting to call a multi-line phone with an extension.

Municipalities of Northern Cyprus

Alsancak-Lapta-Camlibel Municipality

Catalkoy-Esentepe Municipality

Guzelyurt Municipality

Iskele Municipality

Girne Municipality

Nicosia Municipality

Erenkoy-Karpaz Municipality

Famagusta Municipality

Lefke Municipality

Beyarmudu Municipality

Yeniboğaziçi Municipality

Tatlısu Municipality

Gonyeli-Alaykoy Municipality

Government Agencies

Office of the President

Office of the Prime Minister

General Assembly

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Public Works and Transport

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth, and Environment


Personal Facebook page of the Mayor of Girne

Murat Senkul

Electricity Provider Kib-Tek

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find tax offices in Northern Cyprus?

The tax service is not represented on social networks, but it has a website. However, almost all issues need to be resolved personally there. Here is our list of tax office addresses in Northern Cyprus — with locations on the map, phone numbers, and email.

How to pay utility bills?

You can pay for electricity online through the Kib-Tek website, online through the Pay Point Cyprus website, at Kib-Tek payment points, and through the bank's app. We have provided more details on each of these methods in this article. And you can read about how to pay for water here.

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