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How to Install Starlink in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 4 weeks ago

The northern part of the island cannot boast of high-speed internet, and if you require a swifter connection than what local providers offer, it would be wise to consider installing a Starlink satellite internet kit.

Official delivery of the equipment to Turkey and Northern Cyprus is promised from 2024; however, there are already several alternatives available for installing a Starlink kit at present.

Покрытие Старлинк Северный Кипр

  1. Acquire it from Southern Cyprus independently or by arranging assistance through the Cyprus-FAQ forum on Telegram. This option is the most economically viable, with a manageable cost of approximately 700 euros.
  2. Bring it yourself or with the aid of an individual from a third country (indicated in blue on the map).
  3. Get in touch with authorized distributors (also accessible on the Cyprus-FAQ forum on Telegram). In this scenario, the cost will commence at 1500 euros.

The data download speed exceeds 100 Mbps, although the monthly fee is not particularly pleasing. Since Starlink has not yet introduced regional tariffing in Northern Cyprus, you will be required to subscribe to the global package, which amounts to 250 euros per month.

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