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Are there any zoos in Northern Cyprus?

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This question can be answered both affirmatively and negatively. You can see animals, but it is not considered a classical zoo.

There is no full-fledged zoo with a large territory where you can walk for hours in Northern Cyprus. But there are several mini-zoos, as well as places where you can see some animals in their natural habitat.

зоопарки на Северном Кипре

Zoos in Northern Cyprus

Merit Crystal Cove Hotel

There is a mini-zoo on the hotel grounds with peacocks, rabbits, and ducks. You can ride ponies. There is also a turtle rehabilitation center.

Tashkent Nature Park

Here you can see monkeys, snakes, owls, and hawks. It is primarily a rehabilitation center for injured animals, but guided tours are also available by appointment.

  • Phone for appointments: +905488111190
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Kyrenia Wild Life Park

Here you can meet horses, donkeys, bulls, cows, sheep, and goats, as well as aviaries with domestic birds. Besides animals, there is plenty of infrastructure designed for children.

Barış Park in Girne

In Sevim Ebeoğlu Park, better known as Barış Park, there are cages with birds: peacocks, ducks, chickens, and roosters.

Mini Zoo at Çiftlik Evi

Near the village of Gaziveren, on the grounds of the Çiftlik Evi restaurant, there are aviaries with various birds - ducks, geese, chickens, roosters, and peacocks.

Animals in the wild

If you go to the Karpaz Peninsula, you will definitely encounter local donkeys. Bring carrots for the trip. Here is an instruction how to find donkeys in Karpaz.

You can also observe the hatching of baby turtles - on some beaches in Northern Cyprus, loggerhead sea turtles lay eggs. Read about places to find turtles in Northern Cyprus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where else to go with children in Northern Cyprus?

If your child is curious, they will surely enjoy some museums in Northern Cyprus. We especially highlight the miniature museum - children will definitely find it interesting to see reduced copies of landmarks.

Are there water parks in Northern Cyprus?

This is a great option for children of almost all ages, and there are several such facilities in Northern Cyprus. Read our overview of water parks in Northern Cyprus.

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