Cyprus, Nicosia

What to do if a foreigner dies on the territory of the TRNC?

Updated: 3 months ago

There are two options: the body can be transported to the homeland or be buried in Northern Cyprus. Organizing a funeral on the island is the most budget-friendly option. With all formalities, it will cost from £800 to £5000. Everything depends on the municipality and your independence. If you can organize everything without assistants, then £800 with all funeral attributes and flowers, and with assistants, the price will be up to £5000.
If transportation is needed, you have to obtain a death certificate and permission to export the body. The transportation is managed by Turkish Airlines. The cargo must have an accompanying person. Transport rules:

In Northern Cyprus, as in many Muslim countries, cremation is prohibited. According to Islamic law, the body must be given to the earth. Therefore, it is impossible to cremate the body and transport the urn with ashes from TRNC. Cremation is also prohibited in the Republic of Cyprus.

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