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Children's protection day at NC - traditional events

Updated: 3 months ago

Every administrative center - municipality - organizes interesting activities for children on this day for free. There are also paid events. The announcement of the festive program can usually be found in the municipality itself and on posters in the cities of Northern Cyprus.

This year on 04/23 in Kyrenia from 12 to 17 hours in the territory of Funky Green Garden in Karaolanolu, children are waiting for the festive program Funky Monkey: soap show, creation of art compositions on the face, games, competitions, and contests. All participants will receive prizes and gifts.

The Kyrenia municipality organizes a free show program at Charshe Square (beginning of the Liman) next to the building of the former municipality. Children will be able to jump on a trampoline, get a beautiful face painting, listen to national Turkish tales, and see a clown performance. From 15 to 16 - theatrical performance, and from 14 to 16 hours - ice cream time. There will also be games and competitions with music. Prizes await the winners.

In Chatalkoy in April, a new amusement park opened, which was free for two weeks in the test mode. From the 20th of April, the attractions will be paid - 30 lira. The entrance to the park will most likely also be paid. There is a contact zoo on the territory where you can feed carrots and stroke donkeys, goats, rabbits, and other animals. Also a great place to delight children. There will be no special program on 04/23 in the amusement park.

Festive programs in Iskele, Lefkosa, and other cities can be viewed on the websites of local municipalities.

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