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If caught off guard by an earthquake - recommendations

Updated: 2 months ago

Many emergency behavior rules are written too formally, and people do not fully understand what exactly needs to be done. From the words of a rescuer, who was pulling people out of the rubble, we will give practical advice on behavior in a building if you feel underground shocks:

  • It turns out, that most of those who die during an earthquake are found by rescuers in places where there were stair flights. These are exactly the ones who tried to run away in panic. If the shaking starts, you can run, but only if you can leave the building within a minute. Otherwise, YOU SHOULD NOT RUN. People don't manage to get out of the buildings, and 90% of runners die.
  • Stay in the apartment/office during the earthquake. It is best to take cover next to some massive piece of furniture. This can be a sofa, wardrobe, or door. This gives you a better chance of survival. Massive furniture will shield you from the rubble.
  • If possible, you should take water and sugar. Sugar will help you last a long time without food, as will water. It is important to have a phone or whistle with you: there will be a chance to make your presence known with the help of sounds.

Take care of yourself!

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