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Are there poisonous spiders in Cyprus?

Updated: 3 months ago

Spiders are numerous and representative of the fauna of the island of Cyprus. Most of them are not capable of harming an adult but rather bring benefits by ridding the house of small insects. The venom of these spiders is not toxic. However, there are several types of spiders on the island, the toxins of which can cause swelling, itching, or other allergic reactions when bitten. According to most sources, the types of spiders on the island that can bite in a careless encounter are the European tarantula, Wolf spider (Cypriot tarantula), and Jumping spider.


  • European tarantula
  • Wolf spider
  • Jumping spider

Пауки на Кипре

European tarantula

The body length of an adult can reach 10 centimeters. The species of tarantula living in Cyprus usually does not exceed 4 centimeters in length. Prefers arid regions. It leads to a nocturnal lifestyle and attacks a person only when disturbed. Its bite is painful, comparable to a wasp or hornet sting, but not life-threatening.

Wolf Spider

The body sizes of the largest representatives of the Wolf Spider family, inhabiting Cyprus, exceed 30 millimeters. They are colored from light brown to black and blend well with their environment. They choose places with increased humidity, meadows near water bodies, and fallen leaves. They are not venomous and bite if they feel threatened.

Jumping Spider

A jumping spider. The body size is within 2 centimeters. With their coloring, they can imitate other insects. They often bask in the sun on stones or building walls. The concentration of its toxin is too small to cause serious health consequences.


What unusual species of spiders live on the island?

In 2010, a representative of the Black Widow spider species was found in Paphos. A laboratory examination confirmed that the spider indeed belongs to this dangerous human species of spiders. However, one of the experts reported that he had previously encountered spiders on the island very similar to the Black Widow, but not actually being them. To date, no reports of similar findings have been registered.

In 2018, in the Besparmak mountains, researchers from the Middle East University and the Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute discovered and registered a new species of spiders belonging to the "Dysderidae" order "Araneae". The discovery was published in a scientific journal under the name "Harpactea Günselorum", this spider is not dangerous to humans and feeds on ants.

What medicines can help from spider bites?

First, you need to wash the bite site with a soap solution. Then you can use a remedy for bites, such as the CLAMİNE-T pencil lotion sold in Northern Cyprus. Read about medications in Northern Cyprus in a separate article.

It should be remembered that spiders are an important part of the ecosystem. They are quite secretive and do not hunt humans. Do not kill them without urgent necessity.

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