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How to optimally travel for shopping in Antalya

Updated: 2 months ago

The choice of goods in Northern Cyprus often leaves much to be desired, and for a more productive shopping experience, it makes sense to travel to the neighboring country.

We've already talked about how you can shop in Istanbul in just one day. If this Turkish metropolis doesn't suit you due to its size and noise, you can make purchases in Antalya—a more compact and nearby city with a 40-minute flight. We'll tell you where it's best to go right from the airport.

шоппинг северный кипр анталия


The most optimal route is to the Agora shopping center: it's only 5 kilometers from the airport, and there you'll find Metro and the beloved IKEA stores. In the shopping mall itself, there are hundreds of stores with various brands, including electronics stores.

Right next to Agora, literally a kilometer closer to the airport, there is also the Mall of Antalya, where the choice of stores and brands is no less, and there is also the Deepo outlet.

About one and a half kilometers from Agora in the opposite direction, away from the airport, there is another Decathlon store. And right next to it is the textile mall Güney Antalya.

Antalya shopping centers on the map:


If there is enough time before the flight (early arrival and late departure), you can delve into the city, but not in the very center, but in the part closer to the airport.

First of all, this is Terra City—a large mall with many branded stores in the southeast part of the city. It is notable not only for a good selection but also for the Decathlon store, loved by many.

A kilometer from TerraCity are two smaller shopping centers—Shemall and Laura Avm. All three shopping centers are within a half-hour taxi ride.

Antalya shopping centers on the map:


Which airlines can you fly with from Ercan to Antalya?

Pegasus and Turkish Airlines fly from Ercan to Antalya daily, and during the summer navigation, the national North Cypriot carrier Fly Kibris also operates flights.

How much does a plane ticket from Ercan to Antalya cost?

If we don't consider special offers, you can almost always find tickets from Ercan to Antalya within 1000 lira. This is likely to be Pegasus because Turkish Airlines almost always cost more, but they also have cheap tickets. It's easiest to check the current price for your dates on the Aviasales website.

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