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How to optimally plan a shopping trip to Istanbul?

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It's no secret that there isn't a wide variety of goods and brands available in Northern Cyprus. Therefore, it makes sense to occasionally travel to Istanbul for shopping. Considering that clothing is more expensive on the island than in Turkey, it can also be economically feasible. Flights from Ercan to Istanbul can be found for as low as 1000 lira.

We'll provide information about one-day shopping itineraries. If you are willing to stay overnight in Istanbul, you can easily explore numerous shopping centers. Without an overnight stay, arriving in Istanbul in the morning and departing for Cyprus in the evening allows for quality shopping in one or two shopping centers near the airport.

Viaport Asia Outlet

Shopping Itinerary for 1 Day in Sabiha Gokcen:

For this route, you need to take an early morning flight from Ercan with Pegasus or Anadolujet, as they fly to Sabiha Gokcen Airport in the Asian part of Istanbul.

  1. Viaport Asia Outlet: After leaving the airport, head to Viaport Asia Outlet Shopping, just 5 kilometers away. You can walk, take bus UM73, or use a taxi, which is cost-effective through the app. This open-air outlet center features many stores, including popular brands like Nike, Mango, Lacoste, Adidas, Under Armour, Reebok, Puma, and more.

    Viaport Asia Outlet on the map

  2. Anatolium Marmara: If you're looking to furnish your home, this shopping center is a good choice. While the clothing selection is not as extensive as in the previous outlet, there's the beloved Ikea. To get to Anatolium, go down to the metro without leaving the airport, and travel a few stations to Hastane-Adliye, which takes about half an hour.

    Anatolium Marmara on the map

  3. Maltepe Park: Located at the same metro station as Anatolium, it's worthwhile for electronics shopping, featuring brands like Media Markt, Bosch, LG, Samsung, Siemens, Teknosa, and more.

    Maltepe Park on the map

Shopping Itinerary for 1 Day in the New Airport:

In this case, you need to fly in the morning with Turkish Airlines or Fly Kibris, landing at the New Istanbul Airport in the European part of the city.

  1. Cevahir: Easily reach Istanbul's most famous shopping center from the New Airport using public transport. Take the metro with a transfer at Kağıthane station (note the surface transfer) and continue two stops on the M7 line to Mecidiyeköy. Cevahir Mall needs no introduction, offering six floors, 420,000 square meters, and 343 stores.

    Cevahir on the map

  2. Kanyon and Metrocity: From Mecidiyeköy, transfer to the M2 metro line (Şişli - Shishli) and travel a few stations to Levent. Here, two well-known shopping centers, Kanyon and Metrocity, are conveniently located near each other.

    Kanyon on the map
    Metrocity on the map



  • Can you fly out of another airport on the same day? Yes, it's possible. If you arrive in the morning and depart late in the evening, you might even have time to visit one of the shopping centers. There's a detailed guide on how to change airports in Istanbul.

  • Which airlines can you fly with from Ercan to Istanbul? From Ercan to Istanbul, Turkish Airlines, the national carrier of Northern Cyprus, Fly Kibris (from the New Airport), Pegasus, and Anadolujet operate flights.

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