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How to behave during an earthquake

Updated: 2 months ago

Unfortunately, there are outbreaks of seismic activity on the islands and in some mainland countries. Many of us are unprepared for this. It is important to understand how to behave properly during an earthquake to avoid injury and get out of the danger zone. Below are the main rules.


  • If you are inside and have the opportunity to leave within 2 minutes, leave. ONLY use the stairs;
  • If you are outside or managed to get out, move to an open area without poles, communication networks, trees, or high-rise buildings;
  • If you are in a car, stay in an open place, but do not leave the car.


  • If you cannot leave the building quickly, find a sturdy and reliable structure (table, bed) and lie under it;
  • Stand in a doorway or find load-bearing walls and stay near them;
  • Do not go to the balcony, do not use the elevator, do not light a fire or gas. It is advisable to de-energize the room if you have quick access to the meters;
  • Do not stay near heavy furniture, windows, breaking objects;
  • If you are stuck in the rubble, try to move less and breathe carefully. Try to knock on resonant objects if they are available. Shout only in extreme cases.

Be careful, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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