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In demand professions for immigrants in NC

Updated: 2 months ago

Many expats are concerned about whether they will be able to find a job in Northern Cyprus and which areas of activity are worth betting on when moving.

You need to understand that salaries in the northern part of the island are not high. Therefore, it is optimal to work remotely for a foreign company and spend money in Cyprus. This is quite profitable because the TRNC is a cheap country.

If we talk about professions in demand for Russian-speaking migrants, these are:

  • Real estate sales agent. You need to work in a reliable licensed company, undergo training, and gain experience. But this is quite a real opportunity, as many Russian speakers need the help of an agent, and a lot of real estate is sold on the island.
  • Beauty services. Yes, local masters are inferior to those from the CIS countries. So if you are a nail service master, browist, hair worker, and especially a cosmetologist, you will not be left without work on the island.
  • Auto mechanics. Professionals with experience are always valuable, in any country. You can find a job even without knowing English.
  • Nanny, care for the elderly, housework. Also a demanded niche, but this work is very modestly paid here. For example, if compared with Russia.
  • Medical workers, doctors, pharmacists. You need to confirm your diploma. Specialists, especially profile doctors, are very much in demand.
  • Repair and construction work.
  • Teachers. If you are a teacher, professor, or candidate of sciences, you can get a job in a school or university after confirming your diploma.

Also, you need to understand that illegal work in NC is punishable by fines and deportation. Therefore, try to get a job officially and get a work visa.

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