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All checkpoints in Cyprus: location, working hours, how to cross the border

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As you know, the island of Cyprus is divided into two states: the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus.

To travel from one side to the other, if you have all the necessary documents, you need to cross the border in the UN buffer zone that separates the entire island. We will tell you where they are located and how they work.

All Checkpoints in Cyprus

КПП Кипра

Ledra Checkpoint

Ledra Street

The most popular checkpoint among tourists is located in the center of Nicosia. It only allows pedestrians. It operates 24/7.

Ledra Palace Checkpoint

Ledra Palace

Another checkpoint in Nicosia, also in the center, is near the Ledra Palace Hotel. It is also only for pedestrians. It operates 24/7 but may close at night during the off-season.

Metehan Checkpoint


Known to the Cypriots on the southern side as Agios Dometios. It is the only crossing point in Nicosia that can be crossed by car. It is also possible to cross on foot, but it is not very convenient as it is located a bit far from the center.

Deryneia-Famagusta Checkpoint


The easternmost border crossing point. It is accessible 24/7 for both pedestrians and vehicles. Pedestrians can take buses from Ayia Napa. This is the most convenient crossing for trips from Famagusta to the southeast of Cyprus (Protaras, Paralimni, Ayia Napa).

Pila-Pergamos Checkpoint


It is located near the village of Beyarmudu in Northern Cyprus, also known to Greek Cypriots as Pergamos. It allows access to the village of Pila between Larnaca and Ayia Napa. It operates from 10:00 to 19:00, and there is a British military base nearby.

Strovilia-Famagusta Checkpoint

Strovilia / Akyar

This checkpoint passes through a long corridor that spans not only the buffer zone but also the British military base. The shortest route is from Famagusta in the north to Larnaca in the south. It operates from 10:00 to 19:00.

Bostancı - Astromeritis Checkpoint

Bostancı - Astromeritis

This checkpoint is located in the western part and is most convenient for residents of Güzelköy. It is accessible for vehicles and pedestrians, although it is inconvenient for the latter as there is no transportation, and walking through the buffer zone requires a distance of over two kilometers. It operates 24/7, but car insurance can only be purchased during the day (until 19:00 in summer and until 17:00 in winter).

Yeşilırmak - Pyrgos Checkpoint

Yeşilırmak - Pyrgos

The westernmost checkpoint leads from Yeşilırmak to Pyrgos. It is most convenient to use this checkpoint to travel from Lefke to Polis and Paphos in the south. It operates only during daylight hours, and for insurance purposes in the northern part, one often has to wait for the right person.

Lefke Checkpoint

Lefke - Apliki Kato

The least known checkpoint, which many people ignore, is the Lefke checkpoint. However, it is not very interesting for tourists. Firstly, insurance for the northern part is not issued here, and secondly, it is located outside popular tourist routes. Nevertheless, it is the most convenient way to reach the Troodos Mountains from Lefke. It operates only during daylight hours.

КПП Стровилия

Frequently Asked Questions about Checkpoints in Cyprus

Which checkpoints are open 24/7?

All checkpoints operate 24/7, except Yeşilırmak - Pyrgos, Lefke, Pyla - Pergamos, and Strovilia - Famagusta.

Where in Nicosia can I cross the border by car?

The only crossing point for vehicles is Metehan (Metehan - Ayios Dometios). The other two checkpoints in the capital are for pedestrians only.

What should I consider when crossing the border?

Of course, you must have a valid visa to visit the Republic of Cyprus. Additionally, suppose you arrived on the island through the northern part (ports of Famagusta and Kyrenia or Ercan Airport). In that case, you may face uncomfortable questions: such a route is not considered legal from the perspective of the Republic of Cyprus. There have been cases of refusal to cross the border.

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