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Snakes in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

A paradise and tranquil island in the Mediterranean Sea, inhabited by creatures that are almost harmless to humans. However, some are still worth being wary of.

We are talking about the cold-blooded inhabitants of the island — snakes. Let's talk about the snake species found in Cyprus and which ones to avoid.

Snakes of Cyprus

Blunt-nosed Viper

змеи кипра гюрза

Also known as the Lebanese Viper. This is the most dangerous snake in Cyprus. It can reach a length of almost 2 meters and weigh up to 3 kg. This species is easiest to identify by its heart-shaped head. The bite of the blunt-nosed viper is very dangerous, and immediate medical assistance is required in such cases. About 20 bites are registered each year, but there have been no fatalities in the last 15 years.

Mediterranean Cat Snake

змеи кипра Кошачья змея

Also known as the Boiga Snake. It inhabits dry rocky areas and has a gray color with dark stripes. When disturbed, the snake coils up, hisses, and then attacks. It has non-dangerous venom in its rear fangs.

Montpellier Snake

змеи кипра Ящеричная змея

This gray snake with a yellow belly can reach a length of 2 meters and usually hides among rock crevices. Its bite causes painful swelling and headache. Like the Mediterranean cat snake, it has non-dangerous venom in its rear fangs.

Grass Snake

змеи кипра Обыкновенный уж

This snake is gray-yellow or black in color and can grow up to a meter long. As a defense mechanism, it emits an unpleasant odor.

European Whip Snake

змеи кипра Водяной уж

This black snake with glossy scales can reach a length of up to 3 meters. It can easily climb trees. It is not dangerous to humans.

Cyprus Snake

змеи кипра Кипрская змея кипрский полоз

Also known as the Cyprus Whip Snake. This snake species is found exclusively on the island of Cyprus. It is a small non-venomous snake, usually reaching a length of 50 to 70 centimeters, occasionally up to 1 meter. It has a slender body and is usually gray in color with dark spots or stripes along its back. It prefers dry rocky areas and shrubs.

Leopard Snake

змеи кипра Свинцовый полоз

Also known as the Cyprus Whip Snake or Reuss's Snake. This is a thin, long snake of black color that can reach a meter in length. It mostly inhabits areas with dense vegetation near water bodies.

Worm Snake

змеи кипра червеобразная слепозмейка

This is a small snake, beige or light pink in color, measuring up to 35 cm in length. It lives under rocks and resembles a worm.

Large Whip Snake

змеи кипра Оливковый большой полоз

This non-venomous snake has a slender body and can reach a length of 2 or even 3 meters. It has a slim, elongated body and is light gray or brown with black spots or stripes on its back. It prefers dry areas, rocky terrain, and shrubs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snakes in Cyprus

Where do snakes inhabit in Cyprus?

Depending on the species, snakes can be found almost everywhere, from rocky crevices to sandy dunes or moist areas. With the arrival of warmth, reptiles may crawl into houses.

How to avoid encountering a snake?

Watch your step carefully, and use a stick to clear away foliage - snakes often hide under leaves. Do not put your hands into crevices or other openings, inspect the area before sitting down, and if you are walking in the forest, wear closed-toe shoes.

What other dangerous creatures are there in Cyprus?

We have talked about spiders as well as fish in the sea around Cyprus - be sure to read these articles.

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