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Where to buy luxury cars in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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Cyprus is an island where a regular Mercedes doesn't surprise anyone. But we've found a place where you can buy truly exclusive cars and stand out even among classic premium brands.

люксовые авто на Северном Кипре

Autoland Showroom

At the Autoland showroom, you will find not only the good old German classics but also their top variations, such as Mercedes perfected by the "court" tuning atelier AMG, BMW in the M version, or charged Audi in the RS version. You will also definitely encounter Porsche and Range Rover among the offerings.

However, more popular cars are also available — reliable Land Cruiser Prado, unpretentious Nissan pickups, or the famous for their reliability and quality at a moderate price Toyota.

You can view the dealership's offers on the most popular car sales website in Northern Cyprus kktcarabam, as well as on the social networks listed below.


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