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Top 10 hotels in Ayia Napa 4 stars

Updated: 1 month ago

Four-star hotels are the golden mean between an expensive five-star resort and an unpretentious "three-star" hotel.

At the same time, hotels of this category can lean in one direction or the other. In order to get the best possible quality of service for your money, we have prepared a rating of the best four-star hotels in Ayia Napa, which are more like five-star hotels while maintaining a four-star price tag.

Топ 10 отелей в Айя-Напе 4 звезды

Ayia Napa Four-Star Hotel Rating

When compiling all hotel ratings, we rely on traveler reviews on popular booking systems such as,, and Yandex.Travel.

The list includes hotels with the highest scores - 9 out of 10 on the Ostrovok scale, 8.5 and above on the scale, as well as above 4.5 out of 5 on the Yandex.Travel scale.

To check room prices for your dates, view photos, read detailed descriptions, and if you like everything - book them in just a few clicks, click on the links below the hotel.

Best 4-Star Hotels in Ayia Napa

These 10 hotels are highly rated on all resources -,, and Yandex.Travel, except for those not presented on Yandex.

Okeanos Beach Boutique Hotel

Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites

Thalassines Beach Villas

Faros Hotel Ayia Napa

Margadina Hotel

Abacus Suites

Nestor Hotel

Napa Suites

Nelia Beach

Napa Plaza

Лучшие отели в Айя-Напе 4 звезды

Frequently Asked Questions about Rest in Ayia Napa

What are the best beaches in Ayia Napa?

Ayia Napa and its surroundings have many beaches that have been awarded the "Blue Flag". To make it easier to navigate, here is our article about the best beaches in Ayia Napa.

What activities are there in Ayia Napa?

Ayia Napa is purely a resort town, although historical attractions also pop up here and there. But the main focus is on fun. The resort is known for its nightlife, you can read our report on nightclubs in Ayia Napa. Also in the fall, the famous Medieval Festival takes place here.

How to get to Ayia Napa?

By taxi from Larnaca airport to Ayia Napa is less than an hour, cost - 50-70 euros. Also, 10 times a day from the airport to Ayia Napa, buses of the Kapnos company run. In the city, you can get off at the main square near the souvenir shop Aphrodite or at the stop opposite the Sunwing hotel on Nissi Avenue 80.

If you plan to move actively around the island, we recommend renting a car at Larnaca airport immediately. You can do this as soon as you enter the arrival area with luggage - there will be desks. But in the high season, there may simply be no cars, so it is better to reserve a car in advance on services like Localrent, Economy Bookings or Discover Cars. Here's how to do it.

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