Cyprus, Nicosia

Education system in the Republic of Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

The Cypriots always set their heart on learning. Although they opened the first university in 1989, there were traditionally many specialists with higher education in the country. Cypriots studied in Britain, Greece, Turkey, and the USA. We can conclude that even before the opening of the first university, the education system on the island was at a high level, as a child with poor school knowledge and bad English could not enter the prestigious universities of leading states.

The Republic of Cyprus has a four-stage education system with mandatory attending kindergarten.

The compulsory secondary education continues up to 15 years old here, and after, the children get more specialized one - humanitarian or technical. Many high school graduates enter universities in Cyprus or abroad, as it is impossible to master several popular specializations on the island. Cypriots with ease pass exams and become students in other countries because local schools provide good basic knowledge and a high level of English proficiency.

At the same time, Cyprus has its own traditionally strong specializations, which attract foreigners. These are archaeology and history - with learning the ancient Greek language - economy, hotel business, and tourism.

Today, the country's kindergartens, schools, and universities receive powerful state support - 7% of its GDP. With such a percentage, the island, along with Sweden and Denmark, is in the top three EU leaders in the expenditures for education development. The Cypriots are constantly reforming their schools, making education better and more accessible.

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