Cyprus, Nicosia

Restaurants in Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

Mediterranean cuisine is famous worldwide for its exceptional health benefits, delicious product combinations, and sophisticated dishes. Cypriots are traditionally lovers of good wine and Tasty food. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, and eateries on the island, and the food tastes well everywhere. Perhaps it is because the Mediterranean products are fresh, of high quality, and lack chemistry and flavorings.

One can divide all restaurants in Cyprus into several types. First are colorful local taverns where it makes sense to order a meze or moussaka and a bottle of Cypriot wine from local wineries. Second are restaurants overlooking the sea, where oysters, mussels, lobsters, and other dishes from freshly caught fish are always in demand. Third are atmospheric cafes with a beautiful view and cozy verandas, where Cypriots enjoy life and wine and tourists join the Mediterranean culture. There are also many Russian establishments on the island, especially in Limassol and Asian restaurants.

In all parts of the island, there is a cult of delicious food, and one can hardly find a bad restaurant with inedible dishes.

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