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Pharmacies in Cyprus

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The importance of pharmacy points will not even be mentioned, we will simply tell you where you can buy medicines and at what time.

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How to find pharmacies in Cyprus

There are quite a few pharmacies in Cyprus, you can find them wherever there is some human activity. For this reason, we will not provide addresses, it is enough to enter "pharmacy" in Google Maps - and you will see the list. Another matter is the working hours - more on that below.

Operating hours of pharmacies in Cyprus

Standard pharmacies operate in the summer period from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 19:30 with a break for siesta from 13:30 to 16:00. However, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, pharmacists do not return after lunch.

In the winter period, the picture changes insignificantly: lunch ends an hour earlier, at 15:00, but the working day is also shortened, until 18:30. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the shift also ends at lunchtime, at 13:30.

On-duty pharmacies in Cyprus

These pharmacies do not work around the clock, but longer than usual, and without a lunch break. However, the difficulty is that the list of these pharmacies regularly changes. There are several ways to find out the current on-duty pharmacies in Cyprus.

By phone

The state English-language answering machine provides information about on-duty pharmacies at the following phone numbers:

  • Nicosia Region: +357 90 901 412
  • Limassol Region: +357 90 901 415
  • Larnaca Region: +357 90 901 414
  • Paphos Region: +357 90 901 416
  • Famagusta Region: +357 90 901 413

From a mobile phone of Cyta / Vodafone operators, you need to send an SMS with the text "PHARM [city]" to the number 1000 - you will receive an SMS in response with a list and contacts of on-duty pharmacies. City codes for SMS: NI - Nicosia, LI - Limassol, PA - Paphos, FA - Famagusta, LA - Larnaca.


Relying on official information, the resources publish a list of on-duty pharmacies on a daily basis. You can view them on:

Frequently Asked Questions about Healthcare in Cyprus

Are there 24-hour pharmacies in Cyprus?

Pharmacies in Cyprus are divided into regular ones and duty ones, which operate for longer hours but not round the clock. It is considered that if things go bad late at night, it is already a reason to go straight to the hospital or even call an ambulance. In winter, duty pharmacies operate until 10 pm, in summer until 11 pm.

Where are the hospitals located in Cyprus?

You can go to a private clinic or a public one. If you have travel insurance, go to the hospital indicated by the insurance company. If you can use the GESY system, then go to the public one. An ambulance will also take the patient to a municipal clinic. Check out the list of public hospitals in Cyprus.

How can I make an appointment with a doctor in Cyprus?

You can make an appointment by phone or online. To find detailed instructions on how to do this, visit our page with information on booking an appointment with a doctor in Cyprus.

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