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State medicine in Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

In the Republic of Cyprus, public health care bases on the national health care system GESY. Citizens deduct 6.5% of their salary and use the services of a therapist free of charge. Hospital treatment is also free of charge. Other specialists' services and drug treatment are at a minimal cost. For example, clinical blood analysis and other laboratory tests, no matter how complex they are, will cast 1 €. Any prescribed medications - 1 €, a visit to a specialized professional by the assignment of a family doctor - 6 €, emergency medical care for injuries and accidents - 10 €. Besides, a patient spends on treatment under GESY insurance no more than 150€ per year, and the insurance company covers other expenses. The maximum cost of medical services for pensioners and poor citizens of Cyprus is even less - 75 € per year. But one should understand that the level of service and professionalism in public clinics and health centers is still low. Long queues, sometimes rude communication of the staff, and lack of desire to treat patients - are the distinguishing features of public clinics. Therefore, the best option is still private medical centers, especially for immigrants. Because only citizens of Cyprus, holders of permanent residence and a yellow slip can use GESY.

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