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Mushroom places in Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

Mushrooms are not the most popular product in Cyprus, but that doesn't mean they don't grow here. We tell you about the places where you are most likely to find mushrooms on the island of Aphrodite.

Грибные места Кипр

Mushrooms in the Troodos Mountains

In the mountains, mushrooms appear first due to temperature differences, and they grow more abundantly than in the plains and along the coast. However, you will face competition from other mushroom pickers, especially in the areas around the villages of Prodromos and Platres. If you specifically want to find mushroom fields, follow other collectors; if you want to discover something off the beaten paths, venture away from roads and populated areas.

Mushroom Spots in Pissouri

Mushrooms are sometimes found along the coasts as well, with a prominent example being the popular tourist town of Pissouri on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea between Limassol and Paphos. At the end of October Street, Genesis Aphrodite’s Trail begins, where many parasol mushrooms grow amidst the flat coniferous forest.

Mushrooms near Kouris Reservoir

Between the reservoir and the village of Souni-Zanakia lies a forest bearing the same name as the village. Here you can find dense thickets with, once again, parasol mushrooms and other fungi.

Mushroom Spots on the Akamas Peninsula

In this remote corner of Cyprus, forested areas are scattered like small islands, some of which have significant mushroom spots. The most popular location is the surroundings of Neo Chorio village, but you will likely encounter many other mushroom pickers there. It's better to move further towards the National Park and explore other wooded areas. By the way, not far away is the deepest canyon in Cyprus.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mushrooms in Cyprus

When is the mushroom picking season in Cyprus?

For most mushrooms, it's in autumn. From November until early January is a good time to hunt for them. However, the season can start earlier or later due to weather conditions, and there have been years when there were no mushrooms at all. An exception is morels, which grow in spring, in April.

What are the rules for mushroom picking in Cyprus?

On Cyprus, the use of special tools for mushroom hunting, such as rakes that clear away leaves and inadvertently destroy small mushrooms ready to sprout, is strictly prohibited by forestry legislation. Violation could lead to imprisonment for up to one year, a fine of up to €5000, or both simultaneously.

Are there events for mushroom pickers in Cyprus?

In the community of Spilia, an annual Mushroom Festival takes place in early October, where, for example, chefs prepare a giant mushroom dish, among other interesting activities. Also, an annual mushroom seminar is held in the village of Platres.

Read Cyprus news - we will definitely inform you when the mushroom season starts on the island and what new initiatives from the Department of Forestry are planned.

Грибные места Кипр

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