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How much can you drink while driving in Cyprus?

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In Cyprus, slight alcohol consumption while driving is allowed. Here are the permissible values.

Сколько можно выпить за рулём на Кипре

Measuring alcohol by the police in Cyprus

The Cyprus police measure alcohol in milligrams per liter of exhaled air. This differs from some countries that use promille, where the blood alcohol content (BAC) is considered. For example, 0.3 promille would be approximately equal to 0.15 mg/l of exhaled air.

Permissible alcohol limit while driving in Cyprus

In short, the permissible amount of alcohol in one liter of exhaled air is 0.22 mg/l.

However, there are exceptions - the following categories of drivers should not exceed 0.09 mg/l of exhaled air:

  • less than 3 years of driving experience;
  • learner drivers;
  • moped drivers;
  • quad bike drivers;
  • professional drivers while on duty.

Fines and sanctions for alcohol while driving

In case of exceeding the permissible blood alcohol level, drivers may face serious sanctions, including fines, license suspension, and even criminal liability, depending on the degree of excess and the circumstances of the violation.

For drivers with more than three years of experience, the following fines apply:

  • 0.22-0.35 mg/l - 125 euros + 1 penalty point
  • 0.36-0.55 mg/l - 250 euros + 3 penalty points
  • 0.56-0.70 mg/l - 500 euros + 4 penalty points
  • 0.71 mg/l and above - case transferred to court

For the driver categories listed above, the following fines apply:

  • 0.09-0.22 mg/l - 125 euros + 1 penalty point
  • 0.23-0.35 mg/l - 250 euros + 3 penalty points
  • 0.36-0.55 mg/l - 500 euros + 4 penalty points
  • 0.56 mg/l and above - case transferred to court

Frequently Asked Questions about Cyprus Traffic Rules

How can I check for unpaid fines?

You can personally visit a police station or call the Main Police Department at the numbers 22607545, 22607546, or 22607547. For fines issued by automatic violation detection systems, there is a separate number: 80008009. More details are provided in the article on how to check for unpaid fines in Cyprus.

How can I pay fines online?

Fines can be paid online at the portal. You will need a valid bank card issued outside of Russia for this process. The step-by-step process is described here.

I have had too much to drink, what should I do?

Never drive under the influence; instead, call a taxi without hesitation. Here are some taxi apps in Cyprus that you should install in advance.

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