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Internet Providers in Northern Cyprus

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In the contemporary world, the existence of the internet has become indispensable, akin to the provision of water and electricity. Allow us to enlighten you on the internet service providers in North Cyprus.

Providers in North Cyprus

One notable characteristic of the providers in North Cyprus is their relatively lower speed (up to 25 Mbps) and higher cost compared to Russia. However, fear not, for we shall provide you with a means to save a fraction of your expenses.

Интернет провайдеры Северный Кипр


Among the most highly favored and cost-effective providers, albeit charging connection fees for contracts lasting up to six months, along with a deposit requirement.


Offers affordable packages tailored for occasional internet use (e.g., for vacation homes), but regular usage may prove to be less cost-effective. Additionally, it provides unlimited speed in Kyrenia, subject to technical limitations.


Associated with Multimax, this provider offers rather favorable packages.


Offers an extensive range of different tariffs, which can be found on the homepage of their website.


Operates in Famagusta and provides attractive tariffs, as displayed on their homepage.

Telsim Vodafone

A mobile operator that also offers home internet connections.


A renowned mobile operator that also offers home connections. Installation involves the placement of an antenna (dish) directed towards a cellular tower.

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet in North Cyprus

Can you save money on internet?

Affirmative, subscribing to a package for multiple months in advance proves to be more financially prudent with all the providers in North Cyprus.

How can I determine if my address is eligible for connection?

Despite assertive claims about coverage on their respective websites, the only way to ascertain if internet connectivity is feasible for a specific address is through direct inquiry. Contact information is available above.

What alternatives exist aside from the listed providers?

One can consider utilizing mobile internet by tethering from a phone, if the tariff allows, or acquiring a Starlink kit. Further information regarding the latter can be found here.

To gain insights into personal experiences with different providers, join the North Cyprus Telegram chat, where nearly twenty thousand participants are eager to oblige.

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