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Can One Buy Apple Devices in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 4 weeks ago

Regrettably, North Cyprus lacks a renowned Apple store. Nevertheless, Apple products are available for purchase through parallel import, a method that has become familiar to Russians.

покупка apple северный кипр

Procuring an iPhone in North Cyprus

In retail establishments of mobile operators such as "Turkcell" and "Vodafone," one can encounter a diverse range of Android phones in addition to iPhones. Admittedly, securing an iPhone here will entail an additional cost of 20-30% compared to its regular price. However, firstly, this applies to all electronic devices in North Cyprus, and secondly, the device will arrive with customs clearance documents. iPhones can also be acquired from any electronics store.

Procuring Apple computers in North Cyprus

Practically every technology and computer store offers Apple products. For instance, the "Sharaf" retail chain vends for laptops and other items from the American company. Conversely, "Irismostore" lacks laptops but does offer tablets.

When purchasing Apple products, we recommend requesting a certificate of authenticity from the vendor. Although this may require some additional time, the document could prove essential should you ever require assistance from an official Apple support center or customer support line in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Apple Products

Is it worthwhile to purchase an iPhone in North Cyprus?

Indeed, Apple products, including iPhones, are pricier in North Cyprus compared to the southern part of the island or any European nation. However, considering the customs clearance costs associated with this brand of phone, the purchase may still prove advantageous, as you receive a device that is ready for immediate use.

Are there iPhone repair services available in North Cyprus?

If Apple phones are available for sale, then repair services are also provided. Here is a list of establishments where you can have your iPhone repaired. It is worth noting that all workshops in the northern part of the island lack certification as Apple technical centers, thus warranty services cannot be claimed at these facilities.

If you still have inquiries, you can pose them on the North Cyprus Forum and receive responses from numerous individuals residing on the island.

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