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Procedure for customs clearance of the phone step-by-step - real experience

Updated: 4 months ago

A resident of Northern Cyprus, who recently cleared the customs of the iPhone, decided to share his experience. Just a formal text about registering an IMEI number doesn't always give an understanding of how everything really happens. In addition, there are nuances that can only be learned from personal experience. So, first-hand information:

What they had:

  1. iPhone 12 pro 128 gb
  2. SIM card with a local number issued in MY NAME.
  3. In the chat people write that the customs require a SIM card in the name of the person who will clear the phone ( my wife went), we bought another SIM card in HER NAME.


  • Customs clearance iPhone 12 Pro 128 gb cost 2550 TL + 111 TL for services.
  • They asked "Are you a student?" After the answer "no", no more questions were asked about SIM-cards or about who the phone was registered to.
  • They took my wife's passport, checked the parameters and IMEI of the phone.
  • Accepted payment.
  • After 3-4 hours, I received an SMS message about the registration of IMEI.
  • After that I tried inserting three different local sims with DIFFERENT names and THEY ALL WORK.


The device has been in use since January 1st. March 31 was the deadline for customs clearance.

On March 20, the paid telephone tariff ended. On March 24, we decided to buy a SIM card in the name of my wife (see the reason above) and insert it into the phone for a month and use it. So: IT DIDN'T GO!

ВTelsim, as soon as inserted a new SIM card into the device, she DIDN'T FIND THE NETWORK, the employee immediately asked: “Is the old card local?”. It turns out that if you inserted one local card during the free period, then no other local SIM card on the device will work until it is cleared by customs.


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