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Public Pools in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

If your complex in Northern Cyprus doesn't have a pool, but you still want to swim, here are several options for both outdoor and indoor pools.

Общественные бассейны на Северном Кипре


Some hotels offer pool and spa access not only to their guests but also through membership or single-entry options. Here are these hotels:

Büyük Anadolu Hotel

Located at the entrance of Kyrenia, this hotel has two pools, one of which is large and divided with lanes for swimmers. It operates only in the summer, but keep in mind that during summer holidays, children from camps may visit.

Acapulco Complex

Not just a hotel but also a water park and spa, including a pool. It is enclosed and heated, suitable for year-round use. Additionally, you can use the jacuzzi on-site.

Elexus Hotel

Among other hotels, this pool is noted for its large size, warm water, and the option to visit with children, including the sauna (from 10 years old).

You can also visit the following hotels with indoor pools on a daily basis:

  • Merit
  • Lords Palace
  • Grand Pasha
  • Cratos


Here, we also included pools at university complexes—you can access them without being a student. Moreover, some apartment complexes and beach clubs also offer this option.

Ataturk Indoor Swimming Pool

An Olympic-standard indoor pool—a part of the Ataturk Sports Complex. The pool is 50 meters long, 2 meters deep, and operates year-round.

Near East University Pool

The first and only Olympic indoor pool in Northern Cyprus, aside from the Ataturk Sports Complex, with a central heating system. You can not only swim but also play water polo, make water jumps, and enroll in beginner swimming courses.

Cyprus International University Pool

Swimming classes for all age groups are also held year-round in the semi-Olympic (25-meter) indoor heated pool at CIU Arena. The complex serves both students and non-students seven days a week.

Royal Sun Complex Pool

Noteworthy for its three outdoor pools, one of which is quite large and divided with lanes for swimmers, suitable for regular swimmers.

Royal Life Complex Pool

Built by the same developer as Royal Sun. Two adjacent pools are notable for water slides in one of them.

Karpaz Gate Marina Beach Club

On the Karpaz Peninsula, famous for its beaches and donkeys, there is a yacht marina with two outdoor pools—a children's pool and an adult pool.

Fit Plus Premier Fitness Club

Let's also include a fitness club—they have a decent indoor pool, not very large, but in Famagusta, there are a few other options. Moreover, this pool is open year-round.


Where can I find fitness centers in Northern Cyprus?

There are quite a few, and they are located in different parts of the island. We have compiled a selection of fitness centers in Northern Cyprus where you can choose the one closest to you or most suitable for your needs.

What other options for active recreation are there in Northern Cyprus?

For example, you can play tennis, race with friends on carts, and even go paragliding— the northern part of the island offers plenty of opportunities for dynamic leisure.

If you are a fan of an active lifestyle, consider subscribing to the "Sports" chat of the largest Telegram forum in Northern Cyprus, with nearly 20 thousand members.

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