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Homemade zivania

Updated: 4 months ago

Zivania is a national alcoholic drink, one of the visiting cards of the island. It’s a grape moonshine, obtained by distilling the fermented pomace remaining after pressing the grapes. The taste of zivania is most reminiscent of chacha, Bulgarian rakia, or grappa.

You can buy factory-made Zivania in any store that sells alcohol. It costs 120 Turkish liras for 0.7 and more, depending on the manufacturer and type. On the shelves, you can find both ordinary, transparent zivania and “golden” drinks with various additives and spices.

Zivania is a fairly strong drink - its strength varies from 45 to 49 degrees.

In addition to factory zivania, private moonshine brewing is also common in Northern Cyprus - the strength of homemade drinks can even reach 70 degrees.

You can buy homemade zivania from local moonshine enthusiasts. From the local craftsmen, you can buy not only the classic grape zivania, but also its various varieties from local fruits and berries: apricot, mulberry, cactus, blackberry, pomegranate, and many others.

One of the popular selling points for homemade zivania is outside the village of Lefke, not far from the popular Swan of Soli restaurant in the area. More than 15 types of homemade zivania are presented here.


Swan of Soli
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