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Cypriot speciality: marinated walnut

Updated: 4 weeks ago

Many amazing plants in Cyprus may not seem edible at first glance. While many are familiar with walnuts, you probably haven't consumed them in the same way as they do in Northern Cyprus.

маринованный грецкий орех Кипр

Black Marinated Walnut

Yes, it is also called black walnut because it takes on this color after marinating and drying. To prepare this delicacy, partially ripe walnuts are used - they must be already covered with a thick green skin but the shell hasn't hardened yet.

How to marinate walnuts?

You need to prick the walnuts with a fork, then place them in salted water for 8-9 days. After bringing, they need to be placed in the sun - that's when they turn black. Then arrange the walnuts in jars and pour vinegar over them, adding black pepper, ginger, and sugar (bring the marinade to a boil first). Then store the jars in a cool place, the temperature should not exceed 18 degrees Celsius.

What to serve marinated walnuts with?

This dish can be served as a light appetizer on its own or as an accompaniment to meat cuts or cheese. They pair well with beef and veal in pies. Marinated walnuts also complement seafood dishes nicely.

Frequently Asked Questions about Unusual Products in Northern Cyprus

What should I do to keep the walnuts green?

To keep them green, they should not be dried in the sun and should generally not be exposed to sunlight.

What other unconventional edible plants are there?

In Northern Cyprus, they also consume prickly pear cactus as food - we have already mentioned dishes made from this plant. Additionally, they harvest fruits from the carob tree (kerob) and produce various delicacies from it.

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