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Congratulations from Cyprus-FAQ and Year-End Summary!

Updated: 3 months ago

Friends, it's time to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the new year — 2024!

It has been a very eventful year, both globally and in Northern Cyprus. For instance, a new terminal was opened at Ercan Airport, a new airline was established, the minimum wage was increased, and in the northern part of Nicosia, a consular office to serve Russian citizens was opened.

Our platform hasn't stood still either — this year, we've grown to over 20,000 members, which is the most delightful gift from you, the readers of our website and Telegram forum, and from other platforms. In the same year, for your convenience, we created a page with all our resources — explore and read Cyprus-FAQ wherever it suits you.

In addition to our milestone of reaching 20,000 users, there was another one — in 2023, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus officially celebrated its 40th anniversary. It's a fantastic age — a country in its prime!

We wish everyone continued growth, development, health, peace, and prosperity in the coming year. Stay with us. Cyprus is Cyprus-FAQ, and Cyprus-FAQ is you!

We love and appreciate you. See you next year!

новый год 2024

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