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How to get from Guzelyurt to Nicosia?

Updated: 2 months ago

Akva, the transport company, operates transfers between Guzelyurt and Nicosia. Buses start running at 6 AM and operate every half an hour, with the last trip departing at 6 PM.

Buses depart from the Guzelyurt Bus Station (Morphou), the location is shown on the map below. Tickets can be purchased at the same place, at the counter near the street cafe.

From Nicosia to Guzelyurt, buses run from 7 AM to 7 PM, also at half-hour intervals.

It is necessary to purchase tickets specifically at the Akva company counter at the Nicosia bus station (see the second map below), from where the bus departs.

Bus schedule on the company's website.

Автостанция Гюзельюрта (Güzelyurt Bus Station)
Автовокзал Никосии (Nicosia Bus Station)
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