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How to get 'vanity' license plates in TRNC?

Updated: 3 weeks ago

It is possible to obtain distinctive license plates with a specific combination of numbers or letters in TRNC in a completely official manner.

красивые номера на автомобиль в ТРСК

Ways to get vanity license plates in TRNC

There are several ways to do this, but in any case, the license plates are issued by the local state motor vehicle inspection.

Personally at the police station

During the vehicle registration process, you can apply to the police to assign a specific license plate to your vehicle. In this case, you will have to pay the cost of this service, which starts from 2000 lira and increases depending on the uniqueness of the plate number.

Through a car dealership

When purchasing a vehicle through a car dealership, the sales representatives can assist you in obtaining a license plate with the desired combination of letters and numbers. In some car dealerships, this service may be provided free of charge when buying certain vehicles.

Through partners

By contacting our managers, you will receive a consultation on obtaining a unique license plate. Let us know about your desire using our contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions about transportation in TRNC

What is the difference between the colors of license plates in TRNC?

In TRNC, you will find license plates of various colors on vehicles: white, red, black, green, blue, yellow, and white with red characters. We have detailed the differences in license plate colors in this article.

Where to buy used cars in TRNC?

Read our article to learn about how to purchase a used car and where to look for such vehicles.

In the Telegram forum of TRNC, there is a chat called "Авто" (Auto), where car owners in this part of the island can give you life hacks and answer your questions.

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