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Procedure for Departing to Turkey by Ferry with a Car

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Public transport in Northern Cyprus is not well-developed, and if you need freedom of movement, a car is necessary on the island.

Due to the peculiarities of the republic's status, well-known rental companies do not enter the market, and it is also impossible to find a car through aggregators. However, there are several ways to rent a car and explore the island.

How to rent a car in Northern Cyprus?

  1. Use the services of car rental companies
  2. Rent a car from a private individual
  3. Book a car through your hotel
  4. Find a car for rent on forums

аренда авто Северный Кипр

Car rental companies in Northern Cyprus

Several relatively large companies on the island can officially provide car rental services - the cars will have red license plates (for color differentiation of license plates in Cyprus, read here), and you will sign a contract.

If you have decided to travel from Northern Cyprus to Turkey in your own car, we offer a detailed guide on where to go, queueing, and the documents to present.

The most popular and sought-after ferry from Northern Cyprus departs from the port of Kyrenia and arrives at the port of Taşucu, which is nearly 100 kilometers away from Mersin. The ferry schedule can be checked on the ferry company's website.

Payment of Duty

Before your departure, you need to pay the export duty at least one month prior to your trip. As of October 2023, the duty for a passenger car is 530 lira and can be paid on this website. The payment is valid for one month, and even if you decide to make multiple trips within that month, you will need to make the payment before each departure. After entering the required information on the aforementioned website, you will need to go to the section indicated in the screenshot.

оплата пошлины при выезде на авто с северного кипра


You need to register directly at the port, where you should arrive two hours before departure. At the Akgünler company's window, you will need to provide your ticket (booking confirmation), passengers' passports, vehicle documents, and the receipt of payment for the export duty. At this stage, you will be given boarding passes, vehicle documents, and a receipt for transporting your car ("vehicle boarding pass").

Passing through Customs Control

After registration, the car remains on the street while passengers proceed to the seaport building for inspection and passport control. Passengers can then board the ferry, while the driver presents their passport to the border officer, parks the car in the designated area indicated by the port staff, and approaches the customs window, showing the receipt of duty payment, boarding passes, and the receipt for the car's exit ("vehicle boarding pass"). The driver will receive a document with a customs stamp, which needs to be shown to the loading supervisor.

Boarding the Ferry

The driver alone boards the ferry, while the passengers are seated according to their purchased tickets. When the gates of the ferry open for loading, the supervisor checks the entry permit stamp and determines the order of boarding the ferry.

If you are among the first three cars, you will have the opportunity to turn around inside the ferry, but you will be the last to exit. The rest of the cars are loaded onto the ferry in reverse.

It is not allowed to stay in the car while it is moving - it is secured with wheel chocks and straps, and the driver must be on the deck at the designated spot indicated on the ticket.

Exiting the Ferry

After mooring at the Tashudju port, when the exit is permitted, you will need to park your car at the designated spot indicated by the port employees. After that, you must leave the vehicle and everyone, including the driver, must proceed to passport control.

After exiting the border control building, near the cafe in the room with the sign "Sigorta," car insurance for foreign license plates is purchased. As of October 2023, the cost of insurance for one month is 400 lira.

After purchasing the insurance, you need to return past the customs and passport controls and register the car at the "Araç Kayıt / Car Registration" window. To do this, you need to submit the newly purchased insurance, vehicle documents, and driver's license. There, you will be asked to fill out a small form (name, surname, passport number, car number, date), and you can exit the port area.

паром кипр турция нюансы

Frequently Asked Questions about Ferries to Northern Cyprus

Who should be indicated as the driver?

You should indicate the owner of the car as the driver, but anyone in the travel group can drive it onto the ferry. If the owner is not among the passengers, then you should indicate the person to whom the owner has granted power of attorney for the car.

What is the procedure for the return trip?

When traveling by ferry from Turkey to Cyprus, there are several differences - for example, you will need to check fines and debts in case of using toll roads, and when entering Cyprus, you need to pay the port fee. More details are provided in the corresponding article.

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