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Taxi in Northern Cyprus

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There are no services like 'Uber' here, nor Yandex.Go or Gett. The reasons are the low traffic, expensive licenses, and the locals' reluctance to work according to aggregator standards.

However, there are enough options to travel from point A to point B in Northern Cyprus. Taxi drivers mostly work independently, occasionally forming groups of 5-6 cars to avoid canceling multiple orders.

The profession of a taxi driver on the island is often passed down through generations, and low car loan rates for citizens allow them to maintain a fleet of premium brands. Therefore, rest assured that when you call a taxi, you will get at least a 'Mercedes' E-class car.

Websites of taxi companies have appeared recently, but usually, every taxi driver will gladly give you a business card. Almost all taxi drivers speak English well, and some even speak Russian. However, to guarantee a Russian-speaking driver, we recommend looking for offers in the 'Taxi' section of the largest Russian-speaking Telegram channel in Northern Cyprus, here.

Taxi Companies in Northern Cyprus

Такси Северный Кипр

Almost all of these carriers have an online ordering system on their websites. Below, we will also provide phone numbers and other means of contact, with messaging apps linked to the phone numbers.

North Cyprus Brothers Taxi

GNC Taxi

Cyprus Luxury Taxi

Kibris Taxi

Bellapais Taxi

Ercan Taxis

Kyrenia Taxi service

Gold Taxi Cyprus

Easy Cyprus Transfers

Onay VIP Tourism

Frequently Asked Questions about Taxis in Northern Cyprus

What types of vehicles are used for taxis in Northern Cyprus?

Very often, in almost half of the cases, it will be a Mercedes Vito minivan capable of transporting a large family with luggage. In general, Mercedes cars are very popular here, and due to favorable car loan conditions, drivers will often pick you up in a relatively new C, E, or even S-Class.

Do taxis in Northern Cyprus use the famous six-door Mercedes?

Rarely, but you can still find them, although this model used to be popular mostly in the southern part of the island. Now it is more of an exclusive offering that you will have to search for.

How much does a taxi ride cost in Northern Cyprus?

Approximate price range:

  • Lapta - Ercan: 55€
  • Kyrenia - Ercan: 50€
  • Kyrenia - Nicosia: 40€
  • Famagusta - Nicosia: 45€
  • Güzelyurt - Ercan: 70€

To save money, we recommend checking the prices and arranging transfers in the "Taxi" section of the North-Cyprus-FAQ Telegram channel. (Link)

Where can I find the contact information for private taxi drivers?

Here are the contacts of taxi drivers offering private transportation services in Northern Cyprus.


  • +90 (533) 860 25 76
  • Mercedes Vito (Transfers in Northern Cyprus, to Larnaca, to Paphos. Excursions. Car rental). Russian-speaking.


  • +90 (533) 820 58 72
  • Mercedes Vito (Transfers in Northern Cyprus, to Larnaca, to Paphos. Car rental).


  • +90 (533) 875 25 74
  • Mercedes Vito E Class (Transfers in Northern Cyprus, to Larnaca, to Paphos, taxi in İskele, Famagusta. Car rental).


  • +90 (539) 104 22 00
  • Mercedes E Class (Taxi in Girne, transfers from Girne to Ercan, taxi around the island).


  • +90 (533) 885 59 79
  • Mercedes E Class (Taxi in Girne, transfers from Girne to Ercan, taxi around the island).

Такси ТРСК

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