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MOT testing in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 3 months ago

They require an MOT test in Northern Cyprus every three years. To find out the time frame for your particular automobile, check out the table below, which they release yearly. In the table, according to the first two letters of the car number, there are dates for undergoing MOT testing.

техосмотр северный кипр 2023 2024

If you do not pass the MOT on time, you will have to pay a fine, and each month of delay will cost 80 TL.

When you know the date of the procedure, you should go to a car service with Emisyon equipment available. You will have an exhaust gas analysis done there, which costs 30-50 TL.

You can pay for the MOT test online using the following link:

The cost of the MOT is about 300 TL.

After payment, you should go to the police, the TO department.

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