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What is the best airline to transport animals from Russia to Cyprus?

Updated: 17 hours ago

Gulf airlines only take animals in the baggage compartment. The luggage compartment is warm, so you don't have to worry too much. Pet travel must be booked in advance, call the airline and negotiate the possibility of transporting the pet. You can't just buy a ticket and add a pet.

Air Serbia allows pets in the cabin, but the number of seats for pets is limited. You need to book seats for pets three or four months in advance. Besides, there is one very serious catch with Serbia - for EU countries and for Cyprus in particular, Serbia is included in the so-called red zone for rabies. This means that if you have a long connection in Belgrade and you went out with your pet into the city, then on arrival in Cyprus, your pet will be put in a six-month quarantine and will be checked. Plus a fine of 300€. Or you can get rabies titres three months before travelling. Consider these circumstances when buying Air Serbia tickets. If there are no rabies titres, get tickets with minimal connections in Belgrade so you don't have to get off.

Another country that is considered a red zone in terms of rabies is Turkey. Therefore, if you have a connection in Istanbul and you go out into the city with an animal, you will be fined and quarantined.

A lot of animals fly in the cabin of Egypt Air, they take a lot more pets on board than other airlines. And for today it is probably the best carrier. But you should take into account that Egypt is also in the red zone for rabies, so you should choose tickets with minimum connection.

Have a good flight for you and your pets!

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