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What to Do if You Lost the Luggage at Ercan Airport?

Updated: 5 days ago

If suddenly you have not found your suitcases on the tape at the airport, the main thing is not to panic - this happens. Unfortunately, it is a common thing when flying from Turkey to Ercan. Locals say they constantly meet passengers without suitcases. From the experience of those who have encountered the problem, they must find and return lost luggage within three days. But a lot depends on the carrier. Turkish Airlines starts looking for luggage immediately and provides information about its location within 24 hours. Pegasus, for example, does not inform at all, and to find out at least something, you need to force the staff. Using the number of your claim about the loss of things on the Pegasus website, one can not track anything. You only need to call the special people looking for lost luggage - and only in this way find out something. When buying plane tickets, consider this difference in service quality. According to the online reviews, Pegasus is not responsible for any arising problems.

Receiving the lost luggage is a separate story in Northern Cyprus. According to the country's laws, they can send it to your hotel or home if they open and review it. Moreover, they do not guarantee the undamaged condition of your things. They also offer you luggage delivery from the airport within five days. Therefore, the best option is to go to the airport yourself. But even in this case, there are many tricks. Airport workers will want your signature confirming you have taken the suitcase. They don't care what its condition is. If your baggage arrived damaged and with something broken, you should draw up an act. Airport staff will interfere in every possible way, shouting, saying that they will not give you your luggage in case of the act. Do not listen and demand it. Otherwise, you will not get any compensation for the repair of your luggage. And the second point is it is better to check the availability of things in the suitcase right there, because it may lack something valuable. You have to write down the loss in the act, and as the police preoccupy with the loss of valuables, you should call the police right there to fix everything.

Overall it is better not to fly low-cost airlines and always insure your luggage.

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