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How to Access Russian Government Websites and Apps from Northern Cyprus if They Are Blocked?

Updated: 3 months ago

After the increase of cyberattacks on the Russian government websites and protective actions in response, citizens outside the country have lost access to many Russian internet resources. So one cannot open personal accounts on State Services and Also, other essential Russian sites are blocked.

At present, one can access Russian state portals only through a VPN.

To gain access from a desktop computer or laptop, in the Google Chrome browser, you need to go to the website and download the browser extension, select the Russia server, and then the state services will become available.

For Android mobile phones: download the VPN Russia app. In the list of free-of-charge servers, try to connect to different Russian cities until state services become available (we chose Kazan - everything worked).

Finally, we want to note that, at present, the Russian Federation blocks some VPN services, but we hope that the offered options will work and you will have no difficulties with accessibility.

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