Cyprus, Nicosia

If I bring my own car to Northern Cyprus, can I deregister it and leave it in a parking lot on the island after a year?

Updated: 2 months ago

If you bring your car from another country to Northern Cyprus, you can stay for a maximum of one year. After that, the car needs to be exported, and importantly, by the same person who imported it.

You cannot deregister the car on the island and leave it here. The only option is to scrap it. However, there must be a valid reason for scrapping. For example, an accident after which the car is not fit for restoration.

Furthermore, a person who entered the island with their car may simply not be allowed to leave without the car. Or there must be a certificate of scrappage.

Another important point: before leaving, all fines must be paid, and it's advisable to have the receipts just in case. Without this, you may simply not be allowed to leave.

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