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How to get from Girne to Famagusta by public transport

Updated: 2 months ago

Not everyone knows, but from Girne to Famagusta, you can take a dolmuş - a local shared taxi. You need to go to a small building with the sign "Kombos."

(check the geolocation, "Kombos" is the departure point for all shared taxis in Girne) and book a bus in advance - at least one and a half to two hours before the expected departure, or even better - a day in advance. Since the dolmuş has only 8 seats, they are usually quickly taken. Life hack - taxi drivers are sitting near the entrance to "Kombos" and catching clients. So if you try to clarify something with them, most likely they will start telling you that no minibus goes to Famagusta. Therefore, just enter the building and confidently sign up for the bus.


The fare is 110 lira (possibly even higher). You need to pay the driver for the dolmuş on the Girne-Famagusta route. But on the way back, you will be given a receipt at the cashier and issued a ticket.
Shared taxis operate from 9 am to 6 pm.

Stop in Girne (Kombos)

Stop in Famagusta (Komtur)


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