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How to properly move by car to Turkey or the South Caucasus through Georgia with belongings

Updated: 21 hours ago

Unfortunately, the Georgian customs have tightened the rules for Russians. It is currently difficult to move to Turkey or the South Caucasus by car with a large amount of personal belongings.

According to reports from Russians who attempted to cross the Georgian border in their own car, their luggage was not allowed. A customs officer specified a limit: 30 kilograms of personal belongings and the cargo value should not exceed 500 lari. These requirements were presented to transit travelers heading to the South Caucasus. People were not prepared for this turn of events. As a result, the customs officers offered two options:

  • leave the country;
  • use the services of a transport company. This means that all belongings are declared, sealed, and placed in the cargo vehicle of the transport company. The luggage is handed over at the customs at the border with Turkey.

They were given half an hour to make a decision. After that, they threatened to draw up a protocol for "resisting customs officers" and deport them with a ban on re-entry.

There is no official information about the luggage limit - it seems to be an unofficial rule.

According to information from Telegram channels, some travelers are lucky. They cross the border with a large amount of belongings, far exceeding 30 kilograms, while others are stopped. Unlucky travelers mostly return to the Russian Federation.

To avoid problems at the Russian-Georgian border, it is highly recommended to transport belongings on several trips. Because it is not clear at all whether luck will be on your side or not.

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