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Is it possible to rent out a personal car?

Updated: 3 months ago

It is illegal to rent out a personal car without the assistance of a licensed rent-a-car company. The company that takes your car as an intermediary for further rental assigns special (red) license plates to it and creates a contract with you.

Any contract with a tenant that you try to use to protect your rights will not have legal force. It will be deemed illegal in court. Moreover, your actions regarding the rental and the contract will be considered by law enforcement as engaging in illegal commercial activities, which is punishable by imprisonment.

If, despite the law, you want to rent out your car, you need to understand the risks. Firstly, if your tenant incurs fines from fixed speed cameras, all payments will come in your name. The laws regarding speed cameras are strict: if the fine is not paid within two weeks, the amount will double. If the fine remains unpaid, other sanctions will follow. Remember that there can be multiple fines.

Secondly, in the event of a traffic accident, you are fully responsible for ensuring that all the necessary documents for the car and the driver's license are in place. You will also have to provide statements to the police and explain that you indeed allowed this person to use your car. If the driver doesn't have a valid license, your own driver's license will be confiscated by law enforcement.

Think twice before breaking the law and consult with companies that specialize in car rentals. It is better to do everything legally.

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